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To My Smart, Beautiful, Amazing Sable



On and off for the last 24 hours or so I’ve been looking at pictures of you.

There are photos of your head poking out of gym bags, standing proud atop a stereo speaker, sniffing around sports trophies I’ve won, sitting on Sarah’s gis, curled up in a bathtub, hiding out in an old refrigerator. These are just the novelty shots. In-the-moment attempts to capture the wonderfully silly thing that your badass, smart, beautiful, amazing black cat-ness got up to.

I have a lot of these photos. But right now they don’t feel quite enough. That’s because yesterday I made “the call.”

And today has been my last day with you, one of the truest friends I’ve ever known.

For 21 years you’ve has been my constant companion and one of my greatest joys. The price for your companionship was low. Some food, water, a few cardboard boxes and a willingness to drop everything to pet or comb you was all you asked. In return, I received a loyalty so fierce it’d make Bast shudder.

Outsiders probably won’t believe this. It took years for Sarah to finally win your affections, hard-fought and after actual bloodshed. You also had a well-earned reputation of hissing, clawing and screeching at strangers, which certainly narrowed down our social visitors to only the bravest of brave.

That all said, and I’m hesitant to be too anthropomorphist, but you were a deeply loving animal. What outsiders never saw was the cat who’d greet me at the door every time I returned home. Or who’d slide close by my desk and then sit and stare, patiently waiting for an acknowledgment, maybe an ear scratch or a walk around the apartment.

These moments were almost always accompanied by deep, hearty purring. I know cats purr for a number of reasons beyond just “I’m happy,” but I’ve got to believe that was a large part of it. And if I’m being selfish about it, your purrs did as much to soothe my troubles as anything else. Simply, my world was better with you in it and I’m going to miss you forever.

23 things Sable really liked:

* bacon
* Banh Mi Boys’ fried chicken bao
* regular potato chips
* tissue paper
* pizza boxes
* Vachon caramel cakes
* cardboard boxes
* Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
* the old WWE knapsack she’d sit on by the couch when she got too old and immobile to jump on said couch
* searching the apartment for dust bunnies after she puked
* sitting beside her humans
* the apartment hallway
* open doors in the apartment hallway
* nuzzling hockey skates
* strong sunbeams
* sitting on dirty laundry
* sitting on warm, clean laundry
* scratching my face while I slept
* being combed
* Pillsbury crescent rolls
* waking humans up at 5:30 a.m.
* the sheer joy of humans being up at 5:30 a.m.
* knowing where her humans were

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Why Julia, Sesame Street’s New Autistic Muppet, Is Valuable

Julia, Sesame Street's autistic Muppet

Julia, Sesame Street’s autistic Muppet

Sesame Street has just introduced a new autistic Muppet character named Julia.

There are a number of reasons why this new character is valuable. For one, it will better enlighten non-autistics on how to share the world with autistic persons. Likely more important, though, it will give autistic persons a valuable reference tool to help them navigate the world.

Using television characters as guides to navigating the real world can be an uneven pursuit.

Sarah explained why in her debut post for Vox’s “First Person” section.

To read the full story go here.

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Autistic People Are Not Tragedies

Narratives around autism can be harmful, especially those created by awareness groups. Photograph: Graham Turner/Graham Turner

Narratives around autism can be harmful, especially those created by awareness groups. Photograph: Graham Turner/Graham Turner

There’s a rather sinister narrative in certain sectors of the autism community that parents of autistic children have been saddled with a burden so dramatic that only a eugenics-minded grim reaper could rectify their issues.

This is bullshit.

Sarah explained why recently in her first op-ed piece for The Guardian.

To read the column, go here.

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Considering Losing Isaiah 20 Years Later

Losing Isiah

Losing Isaiah

It’s been 20 years since the white-woman-adopts-black-baby pearl-clutcher film Losing Isaiah.

The cultural politics at work in the movie — and their uncomfortable reflection in the film industry — are still being reflected in what we see two decades later.

Sarah wrote about this white savior trope in an essay for Consequence Of Sound.

To read it, go here.

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VOTE NOW: 2015 Worst Human March Madness Playdown – Unclean, Money and Commerce

Vote to determine the worst human

Vote to determine the worst human

UPDATE: Results for Unclean Conference and Money & Commerce Conference, round 1:

Unclean Conference / Money & Commerce Conference

Not covering your mouth while coughing is worse than not scooping your dog’s poop … 52-48%
Hover shitting on public toilets is worse than having a dirty keyboard … 93-7%
Smelling like cigarettes is worse than smelling like cologne/perfume … 66-34%
Throwing garbage on the ground is worse than walking around in public barefoot … 93-7%
Being wealthy and pretending you’re not is worse than extreme couponing … 69-31%
Hovering too close to you at the bank machine is worse than people who don’t understand bank machines … 66-34%
20 items or more in the 10-or-less checkout is worse than blocking the grocery store aisle … 66-34%
Aggressively bad tippers are worse than internet pennystock traders … 100% … nobody voted for pennystock traders

Round two matchups will be:

Coughing, doesn’t cover mouth vs. Public toilet hover shitters
Smells like cigarettes vs. Throws garbage on ground
Wealthy, pretends they’re not vs. Hovers too close in bank machine line
20 items in 10-or-less checkout vs. Aggressively bad tippers


There’s no turning back now.

Voting for the 2015 Worst Human competition, Round 1, in the Transportation Conference and Social Media Conference is now done. RESULTS BELOW.

Now up, voting in the Unclean Conference and the Money & Commerce Conference.

Voting has officially begun. So, VOTE…

VOTE FOR THE WORST HUMAN - Unclean + Money & Commerce Conferences

Click the image directly below to see the full Worst Human bracket.

2015 Worst Human bracket. Click to enlarge.

2015 Worst Human bracket. Click to enlarge.

First Round Voting Schedule

March 25

Voting begins at midnight, ends at 11:59 pm ET

Transportation Conference / Social Media Conference

See results.

March 26

Voting begins at midnight, ends at 11:59 pm ET

Unclean Conference / Money & Commerce Conference

March 27

Voting begins at midnight, ends at 11:59 pm ET

Interactions Conference / Physical World Conference

March 28

Voting begins at midnight, ends at 11:59 pm ET

Human Body Conference / Food & Drink Conference

VOTE FOR THE WORST HUMAN - Unclean + Money & Commerce Conferences


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