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How Anti-Vaxxers Hurt Autistics

Around the Risky Fuel household we mostly consider anti-vaxxers to be crazytown bananapants wackadoodles.

That said, their backwards anti-science rhetoric can cause people genuine harm. Particularly to autistic individuals because of the (thoroughly scientifically debunked) notion that vaccines cause autism.

Sarah wrote about this issue in a column for

To read it click here.


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7 Things Autistic People Want You To Know

This past April the folks at commissioned Sarah to write “7 Things Autistic People Want You To Know.”

Among these things? Your world is exhausting.

To read the full story head to the Health site by going here.

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9 Insights Into Martial Arts From AWMA

Robots learning martial arts.

Robots learning martial arts.

Sarah’s ongoing series of basic history pieces, training tips and gear guides are continuing on the Asian World Of Martial Arts website. Here are nine of her recent posts:

AWMA Black Friday Deals

5 Ways To Lose Weight After The Holidays

Comparing Boxing And Muay Thai

Kieran Tamondong’s Disney Channel Segment

5 Examples Of Robots Learning Martial Arts

The History Of MMA

5 Grappling And Submission Techniques For MMA

How To Incorporate Boxing Into Your MMA Workout

5 Ways Martial Arts Can Help You Through Tough Times


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More Things To Know About Martial Arts

MMA training tips

MMA training tips

Sarah has been bringing it back to the basics in a series of info-posts for Asian World Of Martial Arts.

Here are 10 of her recent contributions:

What Martial Arts Weapons Are Used In Competition

MMA Training Tips For Beginners

4 Ways To Change Up Your Boxing Routine

How Weightlifting Gloves Can Help Your Workout

5 Ways To Improve Your Karate Fast

An Introduction To Boxing Punching Technique

Boxing Drills For MMA

5 Exercises You Can Do With A Karate Belt

5 Reasons To Get A Karate Belt Display Rack

The Ultimate Guide To Tying Your Belt

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Should You Train When Sick?

Training while sick.

There’s an ongoing debate in the Risky Fuel household about whether someone should exercise and compete in sports while they’re sick.

I believe in the “burn the sick away” philosophy. Sarah does not.

Her view is checkered, though, by the fact that competing in martial arts while sick is both gross and potentially plague causing/morally wrong.

She wrote about it for Asian World Of Martial Arts.

To read the story click here.

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John Cody’s Race Against Time

John Cody

John Cody

Faced with a cancer diagnosis that would rob him of his voice forever, veteran music man John Cody furiously worked to put together the songs and guest players for his album Hard Won: The Final Recordings.

I spoke to Cody just before he was set to have his throat surgery for Samaritanmag.

The interview appeared shortly after the album came out.

To read it click here.

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Micah Fletcher’s Heroic Act

When autistic poet Micha Fletcher and two other men stood up to some rampaging white supremacists in Portland who were menacing women, the results were grim. Of the three, only Fletcher survived after being stabbed in the next while the other two heroes, Ricky John Best and Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, died from their wounds.

One thing about Fletcher that wasn’t disseminated quite as well as it could have been was the fact that Fletcher’s actions were the result of a clear sense of empathy, of right and wrong.

Often autistic persons get accused of not understanding, having or exhibiting these attributes. And yet, we have Fletcher proving this wrong with deeds.

Sarah wrote about this in a column for The Establishment.

To read it go here.

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