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To My Smart, Beautiful, Amazing Sable



On and off for the last 24 hours or so I’ve been looking at pictures of you.

There are photos of your head poking out of gym bags, standing proud atop a stereo speaker, sniffing around sports trophies I’ve won, sitting on Sarah’s gis, curled up in a bathtub, hiding out in an old refrigerator. These are just the novelty shots. In-the-moment attempts to capture the wonderfully silly thing that your badass, smart, beautiful, amazing black cat-ness got up to.

I have a lot of these photos. But right now they don’t feel quite enough. That’s because yesterday I made “the call.”

And today has been my last day with you, one of the truest friends I’ve ever known.

For 21 years you’ve has been my constant companion and one of my greatest joys. The price for your companionship was low. Some food, water, a few cardboard boxes and a willingness to drop everything to pet or comb you was all you asked. In return, I received a loyalty so fierce it’d make Bast shudder.

Outsiders probably won’t believe this. It took years for Sarah to finally win your affections, hard-fought and after actual bloodshed. You also had a well-earned reputation of hissing, clawing and screeching at strangers, which certainly narrowed down our social visitors to only the bravest of brave.

That all said, and I’m hesitant to be too anthropomorphist, but you were a deeply loving animal. What outsiders never saw was the cat who’d greet me at the door every time I returned home. Or who’d slide close by my desk and then sit and stare, patiently waiting for an acknowledgment, maybe an ear scratch or a walk around the apartment.

These moments were almost always accompanied by deep, hearty purring. I know cats purr for a number of reasons beyond just “I’m happy,” but I’ve got to believe that was a large part of it. And if I’m being selfish about it, your purrs did as much to soothe my troubles as anything else. Simply, my world was better with you in it and I’m going to miss you forever.

23 things Sable really liked:

* bacon
* Banh Mi Boys’ fried chicken bao
* regular potato chips
* tissue paper
* pizza boxes
* Vachon caramel cakes
* cardboard boxes
* Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
* the old WWE knapsack she’d sit on by the couch when she got too old and immobile to jump on said couch
* searching the apartment for dust bunnies after she puked
* sitting beside her humans
* the apartment hallway
* open doors in the apartment hallway
* nuzzling hockey skates
* strong sunbeams
* sitting on dirty laundry
* sitting on warm, clean laundry
* scratching my face while I slept
* being combed
* Pillsbury crescent rolls
* waking humans up at 5:30 a.m.
* the sheer joy of humans being up at 5:30 a.m.
* knowing where her humans were


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In Search Of Autism Characters Who Aren’t Awkward Savants

Julia, the autistic Muppet.

Julia, the autistic Muppet.

Television and film have a characterization problem right now.

Writers in these fields have been creating autism-related characters who are often portrayed as one-note awkward savants or, occasionally, some other worse stereotype.

Falling back on this sort of typecasting is a hack-y disservice. Sarah explained why in an essay for Pacific Standard.

To read it go here.

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Titanic Is Mine, Not James Cameron’s



One of Sarah’s deepest and most enduring interests is the Titanic.

Not the movie, the actual doomed ocean liner.

This vessel/subject of much imaginative speculation is also an interest for filmmaker James Cameron and Sarah is having none of it.

She explained why in a personal essay for Electric Lit.

To read the full thing go here.

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Cheng Pei-Pei Honoured At San Francisco Arts Festival

Cheng Pei-pei

Cheng Pei-pei

Pioneering female martial artist Cheng Pei-pei was honoured for her work at the recent CAAMfest this year.

Pei-pei’s breakthrough roles in films like Come Drink With Me (1966) and its 1968 sequel Golden Swallow paved the way for the action heroines like Michelle Yeoh and Zhang Ziyi.

Sarah wrote about this for Asian World Of Martial Arts.

To read it go here.

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Polaris Podcast Focuses On 2017 Winner Lido Pimienta

Polaris Podcast EP7 was live from Ottawa.

Lido Pimienta’s La Papessa album won the 2017 Polaris Music Prize.

For for episode 10 of the Polaris Podcast we spoke with Francella Fiallos, one of the grand jurors who advocated for La Papessa at the Polaris Gala on September 18. We also talked to Pimienta, who explained what La Papessa is about.

This and other Polaris Podcast episodes can be found on iTunes, Google Play or Spotify.

Or, you can listen to it below:

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Captain America Fight Training Videos

Captain America

Captain America

Chris Evans, the actor who plays Captain America in the Avengers and various other Marvel Comics-related films, has had to do a lot of fight training for his role.

Sarah compiled some of Evans’ related training videos in a post for Asian World Of Martial Arts.

To read the post go here.

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11 Martial Arts Advice Topics

Here are some of Sarah’s martial arts basics posts for Asian World Of Martial Arts:

5 Tips For Maximizing Your Gym Time

The Difference Between White Gis And Black Gis

5 Tips For Starting Your Fight Journey

AWMA To Distribute Presley Brothers Gear

Where To Get Dojo Supplies

Does Judo And Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Cross-Training Help?

Getting The Right MMA Gear For Beginners

Boxing Basics

AWMA Is Invicta’s New Glove Sponsor

Keeping Safe Competing In Martial Arts

Why Sparring Matters

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