Why Dune Is Nearly Unfilmable And Why Directors Will Continue To Try, For TIME

Lady Jessica and Paul Atreides in David Lynch’s Dune.

Movie people tell to believe that Frank Herbert’s science fiction masterpiece Dune is impossible to turn into a movie. They say the book is too long, too complicated, too weird and too grand to be adapted.

And yet, filmmakers like David Lynch and, most recently, Denis Villeneuve, continue to try.

Sarah wrote about how these filmmakers continue to face their fears in the hopes of seeing a path for TIME Magazine.

To read the story, go HERE.

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Tetsuya Endo’s Horny Book, Reviewed

Tetsuya In The Naked

One of Sarah’s favourite professional wrestlers is ex-gymnast / Body Worlds exhibit-come-to-life, Tetsuya Endo.

Endo enjoys flopping around dramatically during his matches, working out a lot, eating a slurry of chicken almond soup every day, and, probably most of all, wearing very little clothing.

And so it was with great enthusiasm that Sarah wrote about Endo’s recent photo book, Tetsuya In The Naked, where, like the title suggests, he is frequently naked.

To read Sarah’s book review head over to Fan Byte by clicking here.

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Cadence Weapon Wins 2021 Polaris Music Prize

Cadence Weapon wins the 2021 Polaris Prize.

Aaron’s job at the Polaris Music Prize during this pandemic-messed year was, literally, “make sure we have a winner.”

So it was with great effort and great relief, that on Sept. 27 it was revealed that Cadence Weapon’s Parallel World album had won the 2021 Polaris Music Prize.

CBC Music revealed the winning album during a live video presentation which also featured a performance from 2020 Polaris winner, Backxwash.

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The Dune Colouring Book That Saved My Childhood

Dune, the books, the movies, the world-building masterpiece created by author Frank Herbert, has long been an obsession for the Risky Fuel household.

Ahead of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune movie adaptation Sarah took some time to write about the fascinating curio that warped her young mind around the release of David Lynch’s Dune movie in 1984 — the official Dune colouring book.

Sarah wrote about this utterly bizarre piece of merchandise for the science fiction site, The Companion.

To read her story, go here (paywall).

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Atypical Ends With A History Of Uneven Representation


The fourth and final season of Netflix’s Atypical presented a valuable opportunity to assess both how far we’ve progressed when it comes to autistic representation in pop culture, and how far we still have to go.

Sarah wrote about why in an essay for TIME Magazine.

To read the piece go here.

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