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There Are People Who Really Don’t Like MMA

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan

There are a lot of people who really don’t like mixed martial arts.

These people often aren’t shy about letting their opinions about the sport well known.

Sarah gathered a number of these opinions together for a piece called “A Brief History Of Outsiders Insulting MMA.”

To read it head over to Fightland by clicking here.



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Should Breast Size Matter In MMA Weight Classes?

There are some profoundly humourless/satire detector disabled humans in the mixed martial arts world.

I mention this mostly to preface a story did for Fightland called “Should Breast Size Be Factored Into MMA Weightclasses?”

This topic is… ludicrous. But some people took it as serious business.

To read what all the fuss was about check out the full story.

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So I Trained With An Axe Murderer

Wanderlei Silva

Wanderlei Silva

Sarah recently made a return to muay thai training at one of her favourite gyms, Evolucao Thai.

The reason? A chance to participate in a session with Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva.

To read what it was like, head over to Fightland by going here.

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Martial Arts Exercise Programs Analyzed

Georges St. Pierre's RushFit

Georges St. Pierre’s RushFit

With the growing success of mixed martial arts has come a corresponding increase in bizarre, semi-related exercise programs designed to capitalize on said success.

Sarah, being familiar with both mma and exercise, took a look at a number of the big programs, including Georges St. Pierre’s RushFit.

To read what she thought about Piloxing and Boxercise head over to Fightland by going here.

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Three Artists Critique MMA Fashion

MMA Shirts

MMA Shirts

Despite being fans of the sport, we here at Risky Fuel loathe one thing about mixed martial arts — the shirts.

The amount of times we’ve burst into laughter at the sight of some tough guy walking to the ring in a shirt with a glittering skull with a snake coming out of the eye sockets, wrapped in chains, surrounded by daggers, in the clawed palm of a dragon (or some similar approximation) has been staggering.

But rather than commit a series of insults about these shirts to print, instead Sarah found three genuine artists and got them to critique some outlandish outfits.

To read the story head over to Fightland by clicking here.



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Why MMA Should Welcome Transgender Fighters

Fallon Fox

Fallon Fox

One of the burbling controversies in the world of mixed martial arts is where transgender athletes should fight. If you’ve transitioned from man to woman, should you fight against men or fight against women?

Sarah’s trained with men, women and post-transitioned men and women. On the mats it doesn’t matter all that much, but don’t tell that to armchair dudebros.

She recently discussed what it’s like being a trans athlete with her friend Alaina for Vice’s Fightland site.

To read “Why MMA Should Be Welcoming Transgender Fighters” head over to Fightland by clicking here.





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