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Samaritan News 10 Pack: Rihanna, Disobedience Awards, More

Rihanna gets humanitarian award

Rihanna gets humanitarian award

In the latest batch of news stories I wrote for charitable entertainment site Samaritanmag Rihanna gets a humanitarian award, a thousand days of protest songs are declared and disobedience is rewarded.

Check them out:

Are You Disobedient for the Good of Society? Nominations Open for $250K USD Award

Honey Nut Cheerios Free Seed Campaign Launched to Protect Bees

Staples Gives Almost $200k to Five Canadian Charities

March Is Music Therapy Awareness Month

Rihanna Gets Harvard University Humanitarian of the Year Award

Adele, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga Items Part Of Grammy Foundation Auction

1000 Days Of Protest Songs Set to Mark Next Four Years

Guess Who’s Protest Song Enters Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame

What Is The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)?

Former Great Big Sea’s Séan McCann To Perform At National Music Centre for Bell Let’s Talk Day

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Abraham Licoln, Street Fighter

Abraham Lincoln, street fighter

Abraham Lincoln, street fighter

Perhaps inspired by the face we’ve been casually rewatching Clone High here in the Risky Fuel HQ, Sarah recently wrote a piece about the surprising street fighting history of former U.S. President Abraham Lincoln.

Apparently Lincoln wasn’t afraid to throw down to prove a point. Which is perhaps a good reminder of what used to be when we have to look at what we have right now.

To read the piece head over to Fightland by clicking here.

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Sima Azimi, Afghanistan’s First Female Wushu Instructor

Sima Azimi

Sima Azimi

Shaolin Wushu Club of Afghanistan might be among the bravest, boldest martial arts clubs in the world right now.

That’s because the group, led by Sima Azimi, is bringing martial artist training to women in a conservative society where female improvement of this sort is frowned upon.

Sarah wrote about this for Asian World Of Martial Arts.

To read the story click here.



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Fighting Is Political

Ali... political

Ali… political

There’s a segment of sports fans (generally middle class and higher, always white) that gets incredulous about the notion of athletes being “political.”

These, of course, are probably the same sort of people who’ve never had to experience any of the persecutions and injustices that have made these athletes speak to power.

Sarah explained why the combat arts are political in a story for Fightland.

To read it click here.

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An Introductory Guide To Nazi Punching

Nazi punching

Nazi punching

Nazi punching, it seems, is a practice quite in vogue these days.

Thing is, throwing some knuckles at Hitler youth has a history far longer than the recent news cycle.

Sarah wrote about some high-profile Nazi punches for Fightland.

To read her story click here.

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There Are People Who Really Don’t Like MMA

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan

There are a lot of people who really don’t like mixed martial arts.

These people often aren’t shy about letting their opinions about the sport well known.

Sarah gathered a number of these opinions together for a piece called “A Brief History Of Outsiders Insulting MMA.”

To read it head over to Fightland by clicking here.


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Samaritan News 10 Pack: Rush, Metallica, Neil Young, More



I’ve been doing a bunch of stuff  over at the music-ish charity ‘n’ good news website Samaritan Mag.

Here’s a batch of news pieces in November and December:

Rush Donate $40k To Gord Downie Cancer Fund

Neil Young Calls on President Obama in Standing Rock Support Letter

What Is Giving Tuesday?

Heavy Metal Bowling Event In Ronnie James Dio’s Memory Raises Nearly $50K

Year-End: MusiCounts Donated $525K Worth of Instruments and Gear to 33 Community Groups

Metallica Doing Club Show in Toronto to Support Daily Bread Food Bank

Andy Kim Christmas with Nelly Furtado, Ron Sexsmith, Sloan and More, on Way to a Sell-Out

Russell Brand Advocates For Political Change, Optimism In New Video

Monster Truck Are ‘For The People’ With New Throwback Animated Video

World Diabetes Day Is Today, Frederick Banting’s Birthday

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