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2015 Worst Human March Madness Poll: Vote On The Shit 16

Vote to determine the worst human

Vote to determine the worst human

UPDATE: Results for The Shit 16 round:

Texting while driving is worse than road rage drivers… 84-16%
Frequent selfie taking is worse than Facebook game inviting… 58-42%
Not covering your mouth while coughing is worse than throwing garbage on the ground… 63-37%
Aggressively bad tipping is worse than standing too close to you in the ATM line… 63-37%
Telling you to smile more is worse than using words incorrectly… 56-44%
Crossfit cultists are worse than panicking when it snows… 56-44%
Smelling like pee is worse than unusually toxic farts… 69-31%
Not actually being gluten allergic is worse than being a messy eater… 67-33%


The polls have closed on round two voting in the Interactions, Physical World, Human Body Conference and Food & Drink Conferences (LINK TO RESULTS BELOW). This means we’re getting down to the seriously Worst Humans… The Shit 16.

This also means it’s time to start voting on the eight matchups that encompass The Shit 16:

Road rage drivers vs. Texting while driving
Frequent selfie takers vs. Facebook game inviters
Coughing and not covering your mouth vs. Throwing garbage on the ground
Standing too close in the ATM line vs. Aggressively bad tippers
Tells you to smile more vs. People who use words incorrectly
Panics when it snows vs. Crossfit cultists
Smells like pee vs. Unusually toxic farts
Messy eaters vs. Not actually gluten allergic

Got an opinion on who you think is the worst human? The polls are now open, so vote on it…


Click the image directly below to see the full Worst Human bracket (current to March 31, 2015).

2015 Worst Human bracket. Click to enlarge.

2015 Worst Human bracket. Click to enlarge.

The Shit 16 Voting Schedule

March 31

Voting begins at midnight, ends at 11:59 pm ET

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