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99 Things Found In Prince’s Secret Vault

When Prince passed away on April 21, 2016 it not only left a giant purple hole in the hearts of music fans worldwide, it also launched a fascinating new mystery: What’s going to happen with Prince’s vault?

It’s been long known to Prince fans and music insiders that The Purple One maintained a massive secretive vault containing copious amounts of unreleased music, movies, videos, and as we’re coming to learn, memorabilia, and items of personal significance.

In the absence of a formal will, Bremer Trust, the executors of Prince’s estate, had to drill into Prince’s vault so they could properly assess its content. Though Bremer has not made its findings public, lists containing some of the items in the vault have already been leaking to the media.

Though many of these items are already familiar to Prince devotees, there’s a fascinating array of previously unknown recordings and projects that span Prince’s career and interests.

Here’s list of what we know the vault contains, so far:

The Rebels — A collection of rock songs done with members of The Time in 1979.

The Second Coming — Documentary film and live album from 1982.

Apollonia 6 film — A cinematic attempt to do for Apollonia 6 what Purple Rain did for Prince.

Sexy Drummrfunkr — Collection of drum solos by Sheila E.

The Flesh — Live jam sessions from late 1985.

Untitled Stevie Nicks duet project.

Prince and the Revolution: Dream Factory — Double LP project from 1986.

Camille — Fast-paced funk album from 1986.

Late Night Train — Shelved project with Sheena Easton who was contemplating a Rated-R image change at the time.

Crystal Ball — Triple LP that eventually got reduced to double LP Sign o’ the Times for commercial release.

Madhouse: 24 — Jazz fusion album recorded in 1988.

Sheila E.: Untitled 1989 album.

Replica Batsuit — Michael Keaton era design, built to scale, matte purple finish.

Untitled Apollonia house album.

Batdance Project — Remixes and expanded versions featuring Roxette as Catwoman.

The Time: Corporate World — Original version of what eventually became The Time’s Pandemonium album.

Untitled Chaka Khan project.

Rave unto the Joy Fantastic — Different than Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic.

BMX motocross bicycles (4) — Painted purple. Unused.

Flash — Band featuring Margie Cox as lead singer.

Under The Apple Tree — Script for Under The Cherry Moon sequel.

“Take A Bite Of My Apple” — From Under The Apple Tree soundtrack. Sung by Kristen Scott Thomas.

Catsuit — Sexy saxophone slow jam concept album inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman from Batman Returns.

In Living Color Special — Pre-taped performance for In Living Color featuring Cat Glover on lead vocals. Never aired.

Untitled EP with Kim Basinger, Ween, and Ozzy Osbourne.

Teal — Shelved album/image overhaul created before Prince adopted O(+>) in 1993.

“Teal Snow” — 19-minute extended music video directed by Tim Burton.

Teal Angels — Collection of six bedazzled stage outfits, complete with angel wings, designed for shelved stage show.

Teal backdrop — Eight foot neon light letters T, E, A, and L, with rejection letter from Neon Museum Las Vegas.

The Tora Tora Experience — Tora Tora was a pseudonym Prince used to create some unreleased music in 1994.

Two boxes of correspondence between Prince and Sinead O’Connor — O’Connor’s contributions are mostly lurid cartoons about Saturday Night Live cast members.

The Undertaker — Frequently bootlegged live-in-the-studio performance notable for a Rolling Stones cover.

Bockwinkel — Unreleased hard rock project with Bob Mould.

Morris Day-narrated Koko B. Ware documentary film.

Heart — Acoustic album recorded in 1994.

“Live” — Multiple disc live album set featuring songs recorded on tours between 1987 and 1993: the Sign o’ the Times Tour, the Lovesexy Tour, the Nude Tour, the Diamonds and Pearls Tour, and the Act I and Act II.

The Live Experience — Live album recorded on June 8, 1995 at Glam Slam, Miami Beach, FL, USA to celebrate Prince’s 37th birthday; his second as O(+>).

Custom BMX Motocross Bicycle Racing gloves — All purple, with the O(+>) symbol on each finger.

Pure Energon — Transformers-themed concept album with the Information Society.

New World — Unreleased techno album from 1995.

T.C. Bear outfit — Built to scale.

The Vault: Volumes I, II, and III — This project is believed to include parts of the Chaos and Disorder and The Vault… Old Friends 4 Sale albums as well as a mysterious third record.

Ingrid Chavez — Four hours of spoken word poetry by Ingrid Chavez set to beatnik jazz.

Prince and Mayte: Happy Tears — Children’s music album. Unreleased, likely due to the death of Prince’s infant son.

The Dawn — Unreleased album from 1997.

Purple Blue — Alt.country EP with The Jayhawks.

PxP — Hardcore project with Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum.

Robin — Concept album dedicated to Robin to coincide with the Batman And Robin film release.

“Mr. Freeze” — Concept maxi-single Batman And Robin/Arnold Schwarzenegger tie-in for a promotion with Dairy Queen.

“It’s Morris Time” — Morris Day and Jason Mewes rap track intended for the Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back soundtrack. Never released.

P2P — Slow jam project with Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum.

Mayte: Scorpio — Album likely shelved due to Prince and Mayte’s marital issues.

Martika’s Kitchen: The Cookbook — Rough draft of planned co-authored cookbook and album project.

Beautiful Strange — Album from 1998 to accompany the Beautiful Strange television special.

PnP 242 — Industrial project with Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum.

Prince and the Revolution: Roadhouse Garden — Album from 1998 which remains unreleased likely due to Prince feuding with The Revolution over money.

Funk Yr Re Vol Ution: Wendy — Themed funk album dedicated to empowering women.

Funk Yr Re Vol Ution: Lisa — Themed rock album dedicated to empowering women.

PP — Chuck Berry tribute album with Dave Pirner from Soul Asylum.

New Funk Sampling Series — Seven-CD box set full of samples and loops designed to be licensed and royalty free to whoever purchased it.

Crystal Ball 2 — Outtakes to 1998 album Crystal Ball.

Crystal Ball DVD Project — Music videos for Crystal Ball albums.

Crystal Ball 3 — Outtakes to the Crystal Ball 2 album.

Crystal Ball 4 — Outtakes to the Crystal Ball 3 album.

A Celebration — Re-recordings of past hits from 2001.

When 2 R in Love: The Ballads of Prince — A collection of slow jams and romantic ballads.

Neil Young’s Homegrown album.

“Unity 4 The People” — Unreleased charity single with Michael Jackson. Shelved because Prince disapproved of Jackson’s intent to buy the Elephant Man’s bones.

The Hot X-perience — Club tracks featuring Eve.

High — Unreleased album from 2000 with contributions from Angie Stone.

NPG: Peace — Unreleased album from 2001.

Untitled Kevin Smith-directed documentary.

S.L.U.T. — Unreleased Carmen Electra project.

Madrid 2 Chicago — Unreleased album from 2001.

In All My Dreams — Unreleased album from 2002.

Last December — Unreleased album from 2002.

Purple Rain 2: The Purpling.

“Minnesota Hockey Hair” — Rejected commission for the Minnesota School Boards Association.

47 pairs of high heel ankle boots — Tagged “For Bata Museum.”

The Very Best of O(+> — Hits record of songs from 1993 to 2000.

Purple — Coffee table book curated by Prince featuring photos of purple outfits.

Bike Helmet — Union Cycliste Internationale-approved competition level Motocross bicycle helmet, painted matte purple with the inscription “2 Fast, 2 Furious” on back in sparkling gold letters.

The Chocolate Invasion — 7CD box set intended for members of the NPG music club.

“Batdance” 20th Anniversary Nike+ Remix For Runners.

David Bowie’s Toy album.

2999: What’s Going On — Climate change party album inspired by Marvin Gaye’s “Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology).”

Nu Revolution In Society — Promotional EP for Tower Records.

3121 film — Purple Rain-style film project featuring Liza Hernandez.

Willy Kanis — Autographed, framed photo with Prince and Willy Kanis, 2004 women’s world BMX Motocross champion from the Netherlands.

Joker — Tribute album to Heath Ledger.

Támar: Milk & Honey — Another shelved protege album project.

“Betrayer” — Unreleased single apparently inspired by Vince Carter’s time as a Toronto Raptor.

Lizzie Grant Started In The Trailer Park Now We Here album.

The L/C — 2011 project featuring Prince and Andy Allo.

“Jupiter Ascending” — Shelved theme song for accompanying movie featuring Mila Kunis on saxophone.

“Jupiter Ascending” — Shelved video for accompanying movie featuring Channing Tatum in character as a breakdancing, space rollerskating werewolf.

“Jupiter Ascending” — Shelved soundtrack to accompany the video game to accompany the Jupiter Ascending film.

Purple Rain 30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition — Remastered and expanded version of Purple Rain.

Joker 2 — A collection of songs written for Jared Leto, including the focus track “Thirsty.”

This piece was originally published via AUX TV on May 3, 2016.

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Carmen Electra Talks Prince, Wants to Work With Skrillex in Musical Return

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra

It’s been almost 20 years since Prince first discovered Carmen Electra, but the actress, dancer and TV personality still thinks of her time as the Purple One’s protege fondly.

“It was the most unreal, amazing experience of my life,” Electra said about being in the studio and on the road with him. “Just to be around someone that’s so brilliant. I mean, obviously he’s a genius, and just seeing his work ethic and what he does and how creative he is. It’s so inspiring.”

It’s even become something of a personal self-affirmation for her.

“To this day, if I’m not feeling inspired, I think of those moments. Or if I’m feeling insecure sometimes, I’ll think to myself, ‘Well, Prince believed in me! I can do this!'” she giggles.

In a way, though, Prince was also responsible for her two decade-long disappearance from the music scene. Although she’s often thought of returning over the years, she admits that it was pretty hard to follow up on recording her debut album with Prince as a producer. “I kind of felt like, working with Prince, what do you do after that?”

Besides, so many other things were falling into Electra’s lap that her music career got pushed to the side.

“When I officially moved to Los Angeles, I started auditioning for different things and different opportunities came my way and I kind of felt like, even though music was what I originally set out to do. I couldn’t pass by some of the opportunities to be on MTV, to be part of the cast of Baywatch. It was so cool, but something that I had no idea was going to happen.”

Electra never really gave up on her first artistic love, though, and when the opportunity to record a track called “I Like it Loud” with famed producer Bill Hammel (Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, U2), she knew that it was time to get back in the studio.

“I didn’t tell anyone what I was doing,” she says of her tentative return. “I just kind of thought, ‘Let me go into the studio and record this song and get my feet wet. We’ll see where it goes from there.'”

The result of that little experiment is a banging club track in which Electra playfully lays down Ke$ha-like likes about partying, Instragramming and attempting “that Lana Dey Rey pout.”

“We love her! We love her!” she enthuses about the “Video Games” singer. “She’s gorgeous and she has that pout and she’s amazing.”

And while it may have started out as a bit of a lark, “I Like it Loud” has garnered enough attention to convince the potential pop star to record a full album.

“I’ve already recorded another song with [underground hip-hop producer] Vasi, who I respect so much,” she says. She also recently took a working vacation to Austin to check out some new tracks and enjoy the Formula 1 race.

The album, Electra promises, is going to be “hardcore electric dance music,” which is what she’s listening and moving to these days. And she’s started drawing up an ultimate wish list of her favorite DJs.

“My absolute dream collaboration would be Skrillex,” she says. “I also love Kaskade.”

She’s been listening to a lot of both Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks lately, as well, and admits that their feud bummed her out.

“Even though I know that they have beef with each other, I love them both. I completely support them both and I feel like, as women, we have to stick together and I don’t feel that the competition thing… I feel that there’s room for everyone.”

Even though her own tastes and her own music have strayed into clubbier and harder territory since her Prince days, Electra does confess to wondering what her old mentor might thing about “I LIke it Loud” and the forthcoming album.

“I am kind of curious,” she says. “Overall, it may not be his cup of tea, but I think that he would be proud of me.”

She’s a little more concerned about how her good friend and rumored boyfriend Simon Cowell (“We’re very close,” is all she’ll say about that) might eventually respond to the track. Scared enough that she hasn’t really gotten around to bringing it up with him.

“If he’s read about it somewhere, he hasn’t mentioned it to me. But yeah. I felt nervous. I didn’t want to tell him!”

They still haven’t talked about the musical direction that her career is currently taking, either, but that’s not too weird, given the fact that the pair prefer to keep things personal when they get together.

“We don’t talk business. We’re friends so, you know, we talk about… other things.”

This story was originally published November 27, 2012 via Spinner AOL.

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99 Things Found In Prince’s Secret Vault

Prince vault

Prince vault

Late, great rock star Prince had a legendary vault which allegedly contained thousands of hours of recordings, completed albums, videos and movies and more.

The executors of Prince’s estate are currently working on opening and investigating the vault to catalogue its contents.

I wrote about what the Prince vault may contain for AUX TV.

To read the story go here.

Because AUX TV is RIP, this story can now be found HERE.

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Carmen Electra’s Making Music Again And Talking About Prince And Skrillex

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra

For those of you not up on your back-in-the-day music history, former Baywatch babe Carmen Electra was once a protege of Prince and put out an album in 1993 that he helped guide.

Then she became a Baywatch babe and never really recorded any more music. Because, well, Baywatch was the biggest show in the world at one point.

Anyway, Electra’s making music again and Sarah talked to her about it for Spinner. Electra wants to do a song with Skrillex.

To read the story go here.

Because Spinner is RIP you can now read this interview here.

Here’s a wonderful video of her called “Go Go Dancer”:


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What Pop Music Teaches Us About Rain

Rihanna needs an umbrella-ella-ella in rain

Rihanna needs an umbrella-ella-ella in rain

Pop stars are sometimes not the most ruthlessly literal people in the world. In fact, it could be argued they spend most of their lives in a world that has little to do with reality.

So it should come as no surprise then, that these same pop stars have been attributing various properties to rain that, quite frankly, aren’t true. Professor Sarah Honeydew isn’t a fan of such abuses so she catalogued a number of these infractions for the AOL Music Blog.

You can read about Purple Rain, Black Rain, Fire Rain, November Rain, Dishonest Rain… you name it, there’s a type of rain for it… by clicking here.


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