Things I Ate At The C.N.E. In 2010

We’re starting to get psyched for the 2011 Canadian National Exhibition and all the weird food we’re going to eat there. To help build anticipation in the rest of the world, here’s a list of the things that we nommed last year:

Coke at C.N.E. 2010

I had some of this big Coca-Cola. It was just your average corn syrup-based fountain Coke. 3/10… I was thirsty.

Deep fried mac 'n' cheese

The infamous deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese is mighty boring. The exterior has an interesting crunchy contrast to the gooey/borderline overcooked interior, but there’s zero flavour. Save your dough. 4/10

Deep fried mac 'n' cheese innards

The innards of the infamous deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese. 4/10

Pickle slice

This pickle slice came from Sarah’s grilled cheese meal. Solid, if unspectacular. 5.8/10

Pizza on a stick

Mama’s Pizza pizza on a stick. Do NOT let yourself get fooled by this gimmick like I was. It’s just normal pizza. With a paint stir stick in it. 5/10

Plain Chip

This plain crinkle chip came from Sarah’s grilled cheese meal. I hate plain chips. They contribute nothing to the world. 2/10

Deep fried Mars bar

Deep fried Mars bar. This was a pretty good time, though you need to be careful eating it because it slides on its skewer and you end up covered in icing sugar powder. 7.2/10

Pizza on a stick stick

Here’s the stick from the Mama’s Pizza pizza on a stick. 1/10


This lineup is why I didn’t try any of the chocolate covered bacon, deep fried butter or deep fried twinkie.


I tried to find something to drink that “wasn’t owned by Coca-Cola.” The best I could do was Minute Maid lemonade… which means I didn’t do well at all. 5/10

Waffle ice cream sandwich photobomb

Waffle ice cream sandwich. I was most looking forward to this but the deep fried Mars bar ended up being better. Notice the photobomb cameo from Crazy Frog. 6.8./10

Chocolate vanilla fudge

Chocolate-vanilla fudge. Good stuff, but it faces a losing battle because it’ll never match my grandmother’s. 6.7/10

Orange cream fudge

Orange cream fudge. I thought it would taste like Creamsicle but it tastes like Fruit Loops. 6.7/10

Deep fried butter

Deep fried butter. Yes, I did it. Sarah and I went for a second trip to the Ex, got there early and got in line for this food wonder. It wasn’t the horror show I was expecting. It was kinda like a pancake/timbit/cruller with a thoroughly melted, buttery and batter-y inner shell (the centre is hollowed because the butter melts into its surrounding batter). 5.5/10

Twinkle Log

This was the Twinkle Log from the same place. I’m not a Twinkie fan and was hoping for a major bam-up. A chocolate dip and some nuts isn’t it. 3.2/10

Coke Zero

Coke Zero, because I didn’t want Coke. 3/10


Free Hidden Valley ranch dressing sample with carrots. Glorious, glorious vegetables. It was like a little dose of sanity in my deep fried adventure. 6/10

Corn Dog

Corn Dogs are always a good time. An all-beef weiner would improve these things by a large margin, but it was OK. 5.7/10

Fruit Twists

Free sample Fruit Twists!

Fruit Twists

The Fruit Twists were shaped like licorice and tasted like Fruit Roll-Up meets strawberry jam. Which makes total sense, I guess. 5.7/10

Peach smoothie

Free sample of Europe’s Best peach smoothie. I generally hate peaches but this ended up being alright. Not too peachy, not too weird in the smoothie texture. 6.1/10

Taco in a bag

Taco In A Bag. I tried this… so you don’t have to. It was a bag of Doritos with a mess of taco ingredients thrown in there. Think sub-nacho with a high potential for messy fingers. And the hamburger was cold. At least there was some guacamole. 5.5/10

Barq's Root Beer

Barq’s Root Beer. Root beer is alright in my books. 5/10

Butterfly wings potato shavings

Butterfly Wings potato shavings. I had very little faith these would be any good owing to my hatred of plain potato chips, but man was I wrong. The fresh-from-the-fryer-sligh​tly-chewy-texture vibe of these was amazing. 6.7/10

Candy Floss ice cream

Candy Floss flavoured ice cream. The candy floss was pretty subtle. 6.2/10

Monkey Crunch ice cream

Monkey Crunch flavoured ice cream. I’m not sure what the “monkey crunch” was, but most of it was simple chocolate ice cream. 6.4/10

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  1. stewartneil63

    Oh buddy yummy!! These delicious foods are made my mouth-watering. Especially the mama pizza is a interesting one. Excellent post!! Keep it up…

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