Enter The Dragon Remake In The Works

Enter The Dragon

Enter The Dragon

The Hollywood reboot factory is looking to revisit the iconic Bruce Lee martial arts film Enter The Dragon.

Deadpool 2 director David Leitch may be contributing to the remake.

Sarah wrote about this for Asian World Of Martial Arts.

To read the full story go here.


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Netflix Wu Assassins Series To Star Iko Uwais

Iko Uwais

Iko Uwais

Netflix is going deeper into the martial arts world with a newly commissioned series called Wu Assassins.

The series will feature Star Wars: The Force Awakens actor Iko Uwais.

Sarah wrote about the new series for Asian World Of Martial Arts.

To read her post go here.

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Lady Gaga Explains Exploding Tits

Lady Gaga's exploding boobs at the 2009 MMVAs.

Lady Gaga’s exploding boobs at the 2009 MMVAs.

Lady Gaga made her breasts explode at the MuchMusic Video Awards last night.

The fired-up funbags were part of a surreal live medley performance of “LoveGame” and “Poker Face” that involved an erotic subway ride dance sequence which devolved into a fight between her and some transit cops all flanked by bondage-geared backing dancers.

GaGa later said at a press conference the reason for the boobie blast was because there was some doubt MuchMusic would be able to put together her elaborate subway car set.

“The bra, actually, it was a funny story,” she said. “When I was speaking to MuchMusic, they were having problems figuring out how to build that subway train and get it on and off the stage. And I said, ‘Well, if you can’t build my subway train, I’m going to blow my tits up on stage.’

“I was in Hawaii, and I said, ‘We need to blow my tits up on stage — I’m thinking conical bra, ode to Madonna, fire.’ And David LaChapelle was in the background screaming, ‘Lactate! It should lactate!’

“It was inspired by Helmut Newton. So we built the bra as an in-case-the-subway-wasn’t-built, but we decided to use both anyway.
“My new name is Hot Tits.”

Earlier in the evening, Gaga won the best international video by an artist award for “Poker Face.” Her acceptance speech featured her yelling “To God and the gays!” while hoisting her trophy in the air.

Here is one of many YouTube clips of the performance.

This story was originally published June 22, 2009 by Chart Communications.

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Not Hiding Autism With CBC’s Now Or Never

Sarah was on the CBC radio show Now Or Never to discuss the topic of not hiding one’s autism.

She did an interview with the show as well as contributing a personal essay titled, appropriately, “Why I’m Not Hiding My Autism Any Longer.”

To hear her interview and read her essay go here.

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Busty And The Bass Want To Go To School

Busty And The Bass

Busty And The Bass

Montreal’s fast-rising soul-pop nine-piece Busty And The Bass have become quite the draw on the campus party scene.

It’s fitting, then, that now that they’re about to break out, they want to take things back to school — grade school, middle school, high school — and start to give back in the form of music education.

I spoke to the band about this initiative for Samaritan Mag.

To read the full interview click here.


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Bruce Lee Biography Arrives 45 Years After His Death

Bruce Lee in action

Bruce Lee in action

Last month was the 45th anniversary of martial arts action star Bruce Lee’s death.

One of the ways the occasion is being marked is with a thorough biography being released called Bruce Lee: A Life, written by Matthew Polly.

Sarah shed some details on the new book for Asian World Of Martial Arts.

To read them go here.

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Samaritan News 10 Pack: The Clash, MLK, Obama, More

The Clash

The Clash

I’ve been contributing news pieces to the charitably-minded entertainment site Samaritanmag. Here are some of the stories I did in the spring:

Read: Impassioned Articulate Common Sense Speech by Parkland Shooting Student Emma González on Stronger Gun Control

10 Important Songs For International Clash Day

Blues Brothers Winter Blues-themed Benefit Show To Support CAMH

WATCH and READ Rapper Logic’s Message at 60th Grammy Awards: Hate is Ugly

60th Grammy Nominee Compilation Album Proceeds to Support MusiCares

Sale Of Two Marquee Ford Cars Raises $2.85 Million USD For Charity At Barrett-Jackson

WATCH and READ: Halsey Recounts Sexual Assault, Miscarriage in Moving Women’s March Speech

Barack Obama Explains New Presidential Center in Letterman Netflix Interview

12 Civil Rights Inspired Songs For Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Two Journalism Advocacy Groups Receive $1 Million USD Each At Golden Globe Awards

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