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I Was A Professional Pillow Fighter

The women of the Pillow Fight League on Good Morning America.

The women of the Pillow Fight League on Good Morning America.

GLOW, the new semi-fictional Netflix show about real ’80s TV show G.L.O.W., the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling, struck pretty close to home in the Risky Fuel household.

That’s because Sarah spent some time in her younger days as part of the Pillow Fight League, which, exactly as it sounds, was a professional pillow fight league.

There were a lot of eerie parallels between GLOW and the PFL so Sarah called up some old fighting colleagues and reminisced about it in a feature story for VICE.

To read the story go here.


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Everything I Learned About Sex From Canadian Movies



For a bunch of otherwise normal, polite people us Canadians make some way fucked up and perverted films.

A side-effect of making these lurid films is that they in turn impact impressionable young minds.

Like Sarah’s.

Who basically learned a whole lot of unwholesome things about sex from Canadian films.

She wrote about these things for Vice.

To read what she learned about corpse fucking, bread bag condoms and more, click here.

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Carmen Electra Has A Big Dick

Carmen Electra

Carmen Electra

In a very exciting turn of events, Team Risky Fuel is officially contributing to Vice’s new music channel, Noisey.

The first contribution in what will hopefully be a long and beautiful relationship is Sarah’s deep, penetrating conversation with former Baywatch babe Carmen Electra about her sophisticated new single, “Bigger Dick.”

To find out why Carmen has a bigger dick than you, and to find out what she thinks of the age-old size matters question, head over to Noisey by clicking here.


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