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The Bushido of Miami Vice

The "Bushido" episode of Miami Vice

The “Bushido” episode of Miami Vice

One of Sarah’s favourite Miami Vice episodes is an anomalous journey into Edward James Olmos character Detective Lieutenant Martin Castillo’s heart of darkness.

There’s a lot to unpack in this episode about secret-ninja Castillo and Sarah did just that in a feature story at Jet-Li.com.

To read the full story click here.


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Pilates For Martial Arts

Sometimes when you have an athletic pursuit, learning another only casually related physical pursuit is very beneficial.

Like, for example, when martial artists take up activities like Pilates. High-end fitness systems like Pilates help reduce injury, increase flexibility and provide all sorts of other positives.

Sarah explained why in a post for JetLi.com.

To read it go here.

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The Prisoner And Kosho, The Mostly Fictional Martial Art

Kosho demonstration

Kosho demonstration

In Sarah’s beloved 50 year old spy television show The Prisoner it features a mostly-made up martial art known as Kosho.

“Mostly” because there are a few real-world examples of people trying to bring to life this single-boxing-glove-wearing, grapple-on-trampolines conceptual martial art.

Sarah actually managed to track down someone who has tried to compete in “real” kosho and asked him what it was like in her first piece for Jet Li’s very good website.

To read the story go here.

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