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9 Martial Arts And Gear Tips

One of Sarah’s teaching ventures is to provide gear and training tips for aspiring martial arts over at Asian World Of Martial Arts.

Here are her latest tips:

Boost Your Performance With The 5 Best Crossfit Gloves

Different Types of Boxing Gloves: An Overview

Learn the Technique to Tie A Karate Belt

A Guide to Purchasing the Right Karate Uniform

The 5 Latest Design Trends of Sport Gear Bags

Taekwondo Uniforms: Know Where It All Started

What It Takes to Find the Right Judo Uniform for Your First Challenge

Back To School Training Tips: 5 Ways To Stick To Your Martial Arts and Fitness Routines This Fall

6 Benefits of Wearing CrossFit Gloves


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Jean-Michel Blais’ Music Stops His Tourette Syndrome Symptoms

Jean-Michel Blais

Jean-Michel Blais

Over the years modern classical pianist Jean-Michel Blais’ has learned that the act of playing music curbs his lifelong Tourette Syndrome symptoms.

With the release of his latest album Dans ma main Blais has begun talking about how his specific type of music therapy has impacted his Tourette.

To read my interview with him head over to Samaritanmag by clicking here.

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9 Martial Arts Insights For AWMA

Sarah continues to contribute learning pieces to the Asian World of Martial Arts blog.

Here are some of her recent posts:

Young Martial Artist Thwarts Robbery, Reminds Us The Value Of Self-Defence

Back To School Training Tips

A Nunchaku History Lesson

Pearl Gonzalez Stars In New Proforce Ad

Four Cool New Martial Arts World Records

Different Types Of Martial Arts Uniforms

Things To Know About Samurai Swords

Must-Have Gear For Your First Martial Arts Class

Conor McGregor Vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov Is On

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Not Hiding Autism With CBC’s Now Or Never

Sarah was on the CBC radio show Now Or Never to discuss the topic of not hiding one’s autism.

She did an interview with the show as well as contributing a personal essay titled, appropriately, “Why I’m Not Hiding My Autism Any Longer.”

To hear her interview and read her essay go here.

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Samaritan News 10 Pack: The Clash, MLK, Obama, More

The Clash

The Clash

I’ve been contributing news pieces to the charitably-minded entertainment site Samaritanmag. Here are some of the stories I did in the spring:

Read: Impassioned Articulate Common Sense Speech by Parkland Shooting Student Emma González on Stronger Gun Control

10 Important Songs For International Clash Day

Blues Brothers Winter Blues-themed Benefit Show To Support CAMH

WATCH and READ Rapper Logic’s Message at 60th Grammy Awards: Hate is Ugly

60th Grammy Nominee Compilation Album Proceeds to Support MusiCares

Sale Of Two Marquee Ford Cars Raises $2.85 Million USD For Charity At Barrett-Jackson

WATCH and READ: Halsey Recounts Sexual Assault, Miscarriage in Moving Women’s March Speech

Barack Obama Explains New Presidential Center in Letterman Netflix Interview

12 Civil Rights Inspired Songs For Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Two Journalism Advocacy Groups Receive $1 Million USD Each At Golden Globe Awards

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8 Important Lessons For Martial Arts Training

Part of Sarah’s work for Asian World Of Martial Arts is putting together valuable learner articles.

Here are some of her recent ones:

Are MMA DVDs Worth It?

Karate Or Kickboxing, Which Is Better For You?

How To Deal With Jealousy In Martial Arts And Competition

How Martial Arts Can Improve Your Golf Game

Training And Eating Right Before Competition

5 Reasons To Wear A Mouth Guard In Martial Arts

How Boxing Supports Women’s Health Goals

Introduction To The Free-Standing Bag

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In Search Of Autism Characters Who Aren’t Awkward Savants

Julia, the autistic Muppet.

Julia, the autistic Muppet.

Television and film have a characterization problem right now.

Writers in these fields have been creating autism-related characters who are often portrayed as one-note awkward savants or, occasionally, some other worse stereotype.

Falling back on this sort of typecasting is a hack-y disservice. Sarah explained why in an essay for Pacific Standard.

To read it go here.

Because Pacific Standard has gone dormant you can read this piece HERE.

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