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Arkells Support Hamilton-Area Refugess



If you’ve been paying attention at all you may have figured out the Arkells have become one of the biggest rock bands in Canada in the last year or so.

They seem to understand that with this great new power they’ve also got great new responsibility.

When they played their big hometown stadium show this past June in Hamilton they also used it as an opportunity to raise funds for Refuge Hamilton Centre for Newcomer Health.

I spoke to lead singer Max Kerman about the reasons why they did this for Samaritanmag.

To read the piece go here.


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Arkells Inspired By Fleetwood Mac



You guys remember the Arkells from that wicked song “Oh, The Boss Is Coming,” right?

Well, they’ve got a new album out called Michigan Left and it’s not so much about the working man Constantines rock of their past as it’s about them diggin’ the music of the ’80s. Specifically people like Fleetwood Mac.

Aaron talked to the Arkells about this for Spinner and you can read the resulting article by clicking here.


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