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Samaritan News 10 Pack: Bono Bike, Star Wars, Harrison Ford

Bono bicycle

Bono bicycle

I’ve been doing a bunch of stuff  over at the music-ish charity ‘n’ good news website Samaritan Mag so I decided to collect some of my latest pieces all in one place.

Here are 10 of these stories…

Bono Bravely Offers Bicycle Tour With Him As Prize To Support AIDS Charity (RED)

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Takes Children’s Hospital Patients To See Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Toy Company Mattel To Help Patients In Children’s Hospitals Play

Blues Musician and Liver Transplant Recipient Walter Trout To Support British Liver Trust

Mark Zuckerberg To Donate 99 Percent Of His Facebook Shares Towards Future Causes

Harrison Ford Promotes Charitable Contest To Attend Star Wars: The Force Awakens Premiere

MusiCounts Aeroplan Mile Donations Receive Triple Their Value This Week

Blindfolded Muslim Man Seeks Hugs From Paris Mourners (Video)

Andy Kim Christmas Concert To Benefit CAMH Lineup Revealed

Duran Duran to Donate Proceeds After Eagles Of Death Metal Fans ‘Save A Prayer’ Campaign

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LISTEN: Talking U2 On Viewpoints With Todd van der Heyden



Did you get that new U2 album? Did you like it? Did you want it?

I got to talk about some of these questions on CJAD 800 AM’s Viewpoints With Todd van der Heyden program on the weekend.

I won’t spoil how the conversation went, but someone referred to the Irish band as the “McDonald’s of rock music.”

You can listen to the whole three-hour episode below. My segment is right near the end of the show.

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Spinner News Mega-Pack: Caviare Days, Jack White, Sled Island, Coldplay, Zeus

Caviare Days

Caviare Days

Here are the latest batch of news stories I’ve done for the Spinner AOL empire:

Zeus do a live version of “Strong Mind.” Check out Neil’s hair.

Jack White isn’t interested in dance music.

Sled Island 2012 lineup gets announced.

Coldplay don’t really talk about the Olympics, say U2 rule (they’re probably lying).

Kay, she of My Name Is Kay, makes music with some guy.

Caviare Days: Hot pant-wearing Swedish sisters who make psychedelic dance pop. Yes, that’s exactly what it is.







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Does U2 Still Matter?



A couple months ago the band U2 came to Toronto and were going on about their slide into irrelevance. Bono talked about it happening, but we were wondering if it was mathematically true. So Aaron went and polled 50 of his music industry acquaintances and asked them, “Are U2 still musically relevant?” And if they answered no, then he asked them what album it was that made them decide to no longer follow.

The results of said poll can be read, complete with a vibrant series of arguments in the comments section, over at Maclean’s by clicking here.

In the meantime, Aaron would like to thank the following people:

Eric Alper
Amanda Ash
Dave Azzolini
Jon Bartlett
Simon Becker-Sadava
Richard Beland
Stuart Berman
Dave Bidini
Matt Blair
Tim Bolen
Linda Bush
Jessica Capobianco
Joel Carriere
Elizabeth Chorney-Booth
Liam Cormier
Jonathan Dekel
Mary Dickie
PJ Dunphy
Ed The Sock
Phil Gohier
Tommy Gough
Rob Higgins
Dylan Hudecki
Joanne Huffa
Luke Jackson
Danko Jones
Paul Kehayas
Ken Kelley
Phil Klygo
Sarah Kurchak
Grant Lawrence
Chris Levoir
Noah Love
Erik Missio
Brent Oliver
Joshua Ostroff
Adrian Popovich
Sean K. Robb
Chris Rolfe
George Stroumboulopoulos
Barry Taylor
James Tennant
Trevor Tuminski
Arnold Van Lambalgen
Andrew Vincent
Darryl Webster
Natalia Yanchak
Jen Zoratti

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U2 On The Verge Of Irrelevance

U2 at TIFF 2011

U2 at TIFF 2011

And right now you’re saying to yourself, “Yeah, U2’ve been irrelevant for 20 years.”

Well, Bono thinks so, too. And he said as much at a Toronto International Film Festival press conference for the band’s documentary From The Sky Down.

Sarah wrote about what Bono said for Spinner Canada. You can read about it here.


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