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‘Ninth Floor’ Doc Explores An Ugly Event At Montreal University In ’69

Ninth Floor

Ninth Floor

In 1969 six students of Caribbean descent attending Sir George Williams University in Montreal accused one of its professors of being a racist.

When the school inadequately addressed their accusation it sparked an extended sit-in on the ninth floor of the school’s computer building.

A suspicious fire, riot police, arrests and some peculiar agent provocateurism later, the result was one of the ugliest racial incidents in Canadian history.

Vancouver filmmaker Mina Shum recently revisited this not-well-known event for her new documentary, Ninth Floor.

I talked to her about it for Samaritan Mag.

Read the full interview here.

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TIFF 2015: Trumbo Could Benefit From Trumbo-ian Rewrite



Sarah was on assignment covering the 2015 Toronto Film Festival this year for Consequence Of Sound.

After watching Trumbo, the story of blacklisted commie writer Dalton Trumbo, she said “it’s a shame that the film about his life often feels less like a worthy tribute than something that would have benefited from his substantial rewriting skills.”

Read the full review at the Consequence Of Sound website.

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