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Eric Roberts vs. Robert Vaughn, Podcast Style

Eric Roberts and Robert Vaughn

Eric Roberts and Robert Vaughn

We here at Risky Fuel believe in the principle that you “find your people.”

So if, say, you’re the sort of person who is super-obsessed with late actor/spy Robert Vaughn, all you have to do is check in with someone who’s obsessed with actor/cartoon villain Eric Roberts to put together that the two of them had worked together on the film A Cry From Within.

Next thing you know Sarah is on episode #42 of the Eric Roberts Is The Fucking Man podcast talking to host Doug Tilley about Vaughn and Roberts.

You can listen to/download the podcast by going here.


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Deaf Ears Podcast ‘State Of The Game 2013’ Edition

Deaf Ears

Deaf Ears

In the exciting world of marquee guest appearances I recently got the chance to be part of the Deaf Ears Podcast crew’s 30th edition, “State Of The Game 2013.”

Run by Urban Guy‘s Ryan B. Patrick and Completely Ignored‘s Cameron Gordon, Deaf Ears’ format is usually a rant session between the pair based on a specific artist like Daft Punk, Black Eyed Peas, Blondie or whoever. For this edition, however, we can-openered a vast array of topics. Some of these included:

* The existential angst of Chad Kroeger.

* Which pop starlets have a chance of being legit in 20 years. (not Britney Spears).

* What the big musical trend for this year will be (Drake imitators).

… and a whole bunch of other stuff.

To check out the Deaf Ears site head here. To download the epicness that is three fellas “of a certain vintage” ranting about music, you can score the podcast on iTunes. It’s free, so your only excuse not to is because you hate the idea of listening to three dudes mumble about music for an hour.




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