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10 Learning Posts From Asian World Of Martial Arts

MMA kicks

MMA kicks

Sarah’s work building learning posts for Asian World Of Martial Arts continues.

Here are some of the recent ones she wrote:

5 Basic MMA Kicks

5 Workouts You Can Do At Home

New Year’s Resolutions For Martial Artists

5 Great Beginner Martial Arts Classes

Best MMA Gear For Beginners

2017 AWMA Holiday Gift Guide

Why Martial Arts Are Great For Kids

Basic Self-Defense Tips

How Yoga Helps With Martial Arts

Healthy Holiday Recipes


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Everything You Need To Know About Martial Arts

Learn about martial arts

Learn about martial arts

Sarah’s been working on a series of back-to-basics informational posts about martial arts for the folks at Asian World Of Martial Arts.

Here are some of the topics she has covered thus far:

The Meanings Of Karate Belts

How To Care For Your Karate Uniform

The Biggest Trends In Martial Arts

Karate Belt Levels

The Evolution Of Martial Arts

What’s The Difference Between Karate, Taekwondo, Jiu-Jitsu And Mixed Martial Arts?

Martial Arts Equipment Everyone Needs

Where Did Martial Arts Originate?

Five Reasons To Buy From AWMA

What Are The Differences Between Martial Arts Uniforms


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Study Looks At Pros/Cons Of Children Training In Martial Arts

Children training martial arts

Children training martial arts

It has dawned on a segment of the (hover?) parenting world that enrolling your children in an athletic pursuit that involves punching, kicking, and simulated and/or real combat may potentially cause injury to said child.

There is now some clinical research to help weight more exactly what those risks might be — and what the benefits are as well.

Sarah wrote about this new study for Asian World Of Martial Arts.

To read it click here.


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How To Talk About Martial Arts And Autism


When 11-year-old Ethan Fineshriber won at the American Taekwondo Association World Expo recently it caused a flood of newspieces.

This, because Fineshriber is autistic.

Sarah’s none too keen on the “inspiration porn” tone of these stories and she explained why in a post for Fightland.

To read it click here.

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10 Weirdest Martial Arts World Records

Walnut cracking

Walnut cracking

Mujtaba Hassan Mughal can smash 92 walnuts in one minute using nunchucks.

Michael Gonzalez broke 43 concrete blocks in one minute front flipping and using his head to break them.

These are just two of the most outlandish martial arts world records Sarah compiled for a list in Asian World Of Martial Arts.

To read the full list click here.

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Happy 420! Willie Nelson Is Basically A Pot-Smoking Ninja

Willie Nelson, martial artist

Willie Nelson, martial artist

It’s 4/20… April 2o. Which is basically the secret code holiday for everyone who enjoys an ol’ hit from the bong.

In honour of this occasion, Sarah felt it was appropriate to share the story of Willie Nelson, the cosmic country artist and fan of the sticky icky, who also happens to be a fifth degree black belt in the martial art Gong Kwon Yu Sul.

To read the story head over to Fightland by going here.


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The ‘Whoa-ness’ of Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reaves

Keanu Reaves

While Sarah was mostly on the music film beat at the Toronto International Film Festival this year she did get to make one interesting diversion — covering Keanu Reaves’ martial arts film Man of Tai Chi for the folks at Fightland.

Keanu wanted to make a classic fight film with this one, with all the tropes and traditions of past martial arts movies.

The jury’s still out on whether he did this brilliantly or stupidly, but you can read the review by clicking here.


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