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Concert Censorship: A Brief History Of ‘The Man’ Trying To Shut Down The Rock

Religious protesters want Lady Gaga to go to hell

Religious protesters want Lady Gaga to go to hell

On any given day, in any town or city, anywhere in the world, there’s probably some crackdown/protest/sinister bullshit happening that’s attempting to prevent people from rockin’ and dancin’.

Basically, the people behind these crackdowns hate music and they hate life and they’re assholes.

Anyway, in lieu of the latest round of anti-Lady Gaga protests in the Philippines and such, Sarah was tasked to find other examples of The Man cracking down on rock ‘n’ roll.

It turns out there were no shortage of examples, from Elvis Presley to Eminem to The Beatles to you name it. Basically, the government is afraid of musicians.

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