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Deadmau5 Blames Justin Bieber For Ruining His Campaign To Get On ‘Top Gear’



Last week Sarah had a moderately unpleasant interview  with EDM musician and professional mouse-head Deadmau5 in advance of this weekend’s Veld Festival.

The one bright spot in the conversation came while discussing D5’s campaign to get on British car show Top Gear and how Justin Bieber derailed his Twitter campaign to get the show’s attention.

In said story he called Justin Bieber a “little prick.”

To read the story head over to Huffington Post Music Canada by clicking here.

P.S. Pro tip: Listing the amount of money you made in your bio won’t give you artistic cred.

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11 Morbid Car Crash Songs

Car Crash Songs

Car Crash Songs

One of the many songs that Sarah slays the old men with at karaoke is The Shangri-Las “Leader Of The Pack,” a tragic tale of love gone wrong by way of motorcycle accident.

Because that sort of morbidity is fundamentally appealing to her, Sarah found 10 other really sad musically driving tales and turned them into a list for Spinner.

To relive the harrowing moments from Meat Loaf, Kanye West, Bruce Springsteen and more, just click here.




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I Saw The Batmobile (Er, “Tumbler”) The Other Day

Batmobile Tumbler above front view

Batmobile Tumbler above front view

I saw the Batmobile the other day. Sorry, the “Tumbler” — which is a dumb name. It was at the corner of Yonge & Eglinton along with the Batcycle,  sorry “Batpod” — also a dumb name — for some promotion.

If the whole point was to get me excited for The Dark Knight Rises, well… congratulations. It worked.

Here are a few related pics:

Anyone else totally want to see Bane win? Just to be contrary?


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