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Conor McGregor Inspired Ben Affleck’s Batman

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

Conor McGregor is very good at inspiring fifth generation Irish descendants to be really irritating in sports bars on fight nights.

Now, the notorious one can also say he inspired Batman.

Specifically, the fighting style used by Ben Affleck’s Batman in Batman v Superman.

Sarah wrote about this for Fightland here.

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Top 30 Superhero Songs: A Music Playlist

Prince's Batdance

Prince’s Batdance

When the Fan Expo blew through Toronto recently I used the opportunity to hunt down a bunch of the best superhero-themed songs I could find for Huffington Post Music Canada.

The resulting list wasn’t just songs about Batman and Superman, but also songs about Silver Surfer, The Hulk, Ghost Rider, Magneto and a whole lot more.

To check out the full list go here.


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30 Great Superhero Songs

Prince doing the Batdance

Prince doing the Batdance

The recent arrival of the Fan Expo — known casually as “Comic Con North” — to Toronto brought out all of the costumed nerd types.

It also got me thinking about the many superhero songs that exist. So I made a list of 30 of them for Huffington Post Music Canada.

There are songs about Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, The Hulk, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, The Riddler and a whole bunch more.

To read the list go here.



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I Saw The Batmobile (Er, “Tumbler”) The Other Day

Batmobile Tumbler above front view

Batmobile Tumbler above front view

I saw the Batmobile the other day. Sorry, the “Tumbler” — which is a dumb name. It was at the corner of Yonge & Eglinton along with the Batcycle,  sorry “Batpod” — also a dumb name — for some promotion.

If the whole point was to get me excited for The Dark Knight Rises, well… congratulations. It worked.

Here are a few related pics:

Anyone else totally want to see Bane win? Just to be contrary?


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