13 Culture And Learning Stories From Asian World Of Martial Arts


Asian World Of Martial Arts continues to regularly publish a combination of learning and pop culture-related stories by Sarah to help readers understand their world. Here’s a batch:

The Benefits of Boxing For Kids

The Diverse Martial Arts Influences of Netflix’s Wu Assassins

Can You Use MMA Headgear For Taekwondo?

Pro Wrestling Meets Kung Fu In Oriental Wrestling Entertainment

The Basics of Bareknuckle Boxing

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu vs Japanese Jujutsu

What Is Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Star Simu Liu’s Martial Arts Background?

The Tae Kwon Do Fighter Behind The Bottle Cap Challenge

The Best Martial Arts For Self-Defense For Women

The New Mortal Kombat Movie Is On A Talent Search For Martial Artists

A Guide To Buying The Right Boxing Shoes

Teen Kickboxing Star Receives Ringing Endorsement From Her Idol, Jackie Chan

Choose The Boxing Style To Match Your Body Type

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