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What Julia, The Autistic Muppet Can Do

Julia, the autistic Muppet

Julia, the autistic Muppet

Sesame Street recently introduced a new character — Julia, the autistic Muppet.

Sarah believes this character has the potential to both create a lot of understanding and save a lot of people from a lot of pain.

To read why, head over to The Establishment to read her essay on Julia by clicking here.

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The Problem With Judging Others’ Food Choices

There’s so much more to eating food than just “does it taste good?”

Every bite of food you eat reflects all sorts of cultural and class struggles, and social and health issues.

It’s also an area where judgmental sorts would be better off sitting down and keeping quiet.

Sarah explained why in a recent piece for The Establishment.

To read it go here.

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Attacking Mothers With Autistic Children Is Wrong

Apparently one of the great joys in life for cruel people is to harshly judge mothers of various stripes.

This is particularly the case for mothers of children with autism.

Sarah wrote about why this is tremendously uncool in a piece for The Establishment.

To read it go here.

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The Benefits Of An Integrated Classroom

In Sarah’s latest column for The Establishment she explained the many benefits to having disabled students share the same classrooms as able-bodied students.

There are a number of social and societal benefits to these integrated classrooms. Not the least of which is preparing students for a future where they themselves or their loved ones will most likely experience a disability of their own.

To read the story click here.

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On Resilience And ‘Eating The Potato’

Eat the potato

Eat the potato

“Eating the potato” is a big thing in the Risky Fuel household.

It’s basically a metaphor for eating the hearts of your enemies and Sarah explained its origins, as well as an embarrassing trip to her local bank, for the first of what will be a regularly occurring series of columns about mental health and well-being for The Establishment.

To read the column click here.

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