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11 Coolest Cats To Celebrate The Kitten Bowl

Holy Fuck Kitten Bowl

Holy Fuck Kitten Bowl

Something called the Super Bowl happened over the weekend.

We didn’t really care.

However, something else happened on the weekend called the Kitten Bowl.

THAT we did care about.

And Sarah wrote about it for Huffington Post Music Canada.

To read the article go here.


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Grammy Awards & Other Stuff News Pack

Ben Folds Five

Ben Folds Five

The Grammy Awards are tomorrow so I’ve had to put together a few different mini-pieces to help advance that event. These include:

Tegan And Sara accusing their mom of being high.

Melanie Fiona assessing her chances of beating Beyonce.

And the important internet grabber, “what time are the Grammys?”

I did a few other briefs recently, including:

Another SEO-bait story “what time is the Super Bowl?”

And the story of Ben Folds Five encountering characters from Fraggle Rock.


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