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Made In Texas Not All Great

Speed Of Light, Jonathan Demme's Made In Texas

Speed Of Light, Jonathan Demme’s Made In Texas

Jonathan Demme’s Made In Texas is a collection of six short films he made while in Austin, Texas in 1980.

First the first time in decades the collection is being toured around to various film festivals.

Sarah reviewed Made In Texas for Consequence Of Sound.

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Jonathan Demme To Do A Fourth Neil Young Movie

Neil Young

Neil Young

It’s heartening to know that Jonathan Demme, the man who directed The Silence Of The Lambs and Philadelphia, is one of us — a music geek.

Sarah found this out when she interviewed Demme about his latest, and third film about Neil Young, Neil Young Journeys. Demme says he intends to do more films with Young, too, along with whatever other creative projects they can come up with.

Read the Spinner Canada story about it here.

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Neil Young Goes Sound Nerd At TIFF

When Neil Young and Jonathan Demme debuted their new concert film Neil Young Journeys at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 12 one of the defining characteristics of the whole event was what they did to the theatre they presented it in.

Basically they went super-mega acoustic nerd on the whole thing, adding speakers and tweaking the sound system. Then they talked to the audience about what exactly they did.

Sarah wrote about it for Spinner Canada. You can read the story here.

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