Samaritan News 10 Pack: Jay Z, Ricky Martin, Tiger Protection In Nepal, More

Jay Z

Jay Z

I’ve been doing a bunch of stuff  over at the music-ish charity ‘n’ good news website Samaritan Mag. Here’s a batch of recent news pieces:

New Knowledge Center Hopes To Improve Mental Health For Students Of Colour

Joey Bada$$ Says To ‘Fight Back Intellectually’ Against Police, Anti-Black Violence

Unison Benevolent Fund Events Raise $75,000 For Musicians and Industry Members

Jay Z’s New Song ‘Spiritual’ Addresses Police Shootings Against Black Americans

Coldplay, Muse, Foals Part Of Oxfam-Glastonbury Live Album To Help Refugees

Stop Gun Violence Now: Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Pearl Jam & More Sign Billboard’s Open Letter to Congress

MLSE Giving Police $50,000 To Help At-Risk Youth Play Sports

#MusiCaresChallenge Wants You To Declare Your Favourite Album For Good Cause

Ricky Martin Makes Case For Gun Control Post-Orlando Shooting

Tiger Protection In Nepal Is Working, Says WWF Canada

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