The Brain Project Has Invaded Toronto

A brain designed by Parvez Taj

A brain designed by Parvez Taj

If you spend any time wandering around downtown Toronto this summer there’s a fair chance you’ll encounter one of the many artfully rendered brain sculptures that are part of The Brain Project.

The Brain Project’s a fundraiser/public art initiative to raise money and awareness about brain illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. The likes of Kim Kardashian, Matthew Bellamy from the British rock band Muse and the Toronto Raptors basketball organization have all designed brains for the cause.

I interviewed The Brain Project’s co-chair Erica Godfrey to find out more about these brilliant brains.

To read the story head over to Samaritan Mag by clicking here.


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3 responses to “The Brain Project Has Invaded Toronto

  1. Do you happen to know how long they will be on display? Hoping to see them next week if they are still there.

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