Samaritan News 10 Pack: Charlie Sheen, Ryan Reynolds, Carey Price, More

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

I’ve been doing a bunch of stuff  over at the music-ish charity ‘n’ good news website Samaritan Mag so I decided to collect some of my latest pieces all in one place.

Here are 10 of these stories…

Charlie Sheen Says He’s Going To ‘Deliver A Cure’ For HIV

6 Truths About Muslims Reza Aslan Explained To CNN That Are Still True

Buy A Little Flag and See What Operation Raise A Flag Does To Help Veterans

Ryan Reynolds Asks For Parkinson’s Donations After Father’s Death

Montreal Canadiens Carey Price Gives Goal Gear To Hometown Minor Hockey Groups

The Good Reason Why Ken Rosenthal Wears Those Bow Ties

Free Movies At Cineplex Theatres This Saturday To Support Free The Children

Vote In Canadian Federal Election, Get Phone Call From July Talk

Prince William Talks Princess Diana At Child Bereavement Charity Event

Handmade By Heroes Toronto Blue Jays Bracelet Helps Veterans


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