I Want Nachos: Supreme Tostada Nacho From Nacho Daddy

Supreme Tostada Nacho from Nacho Daddy Downtown

Supreme Tostada Nacho from Nacho Daddy Downtown

I love nachos. But sometimes I forget which places have awesome nachos and which places suck. So I’ve started keeping track of them…

Nacho Daddy Downtown

113 N. 4th Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101

$12.95. Normally this would feel a touch high for nachos, but it’s fair to maybe even on the low end for Vegas.

Solid meal for one person, dignified snack for two and a welcome reprieve from the unnaturally humongous “American” portions we experienced at some of our other meals.

Straight off the iron skillet has a certain charm. And layering Queso, then sour cream then all the other stuff on top was a good look.

Beef, Mexican cheese blend, yellow Queso, refried beans, Pico de Gallo, fried jalapenos, avocado lime salsita, sour cream, guacamole, corn chips.

There was also enough of everything that you didn’t have to ration ingredients or risk suffering the dreaded plain chip finish.

If there’s a Platonic ideal for nachos, the Supreme Tostada Nacho approaches it. Classic ingredients cheese, beans, salsa and guacamole… and they all co-mingle exactly as you’d hoped they would.

There was a bit of barren chip deep in the heart of the nacho mound, but attention had clearly been paid to pile things on in a systematic manner. Considering the place is called Nacho Daddy and they had a number of other more exotic nacho forms on the menu it was easy to trust our food was in the hands of people who knew their way around a corn chip.

The Supreme Tostada Nacho from Nacho Daddy

Price: 3/5
Size: 3.5/5
Presentation: 3.5/5
Ingredients: 8/10
Craftsmanship: 8/10
Taste: 12/15

SCORE: 38/50


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