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Grimes Is Into Fighting



Not that it should be a surprise to anyone who paid close attention to some of her wilder music videos, but it appears that electro pop queen Grimes is a big fan of mixed martial arts. Specifically, the strong women of mixed martial arts.

Grimes has been known to sport a Ronda Rousey shirt in public and has called UFC strawweight champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk a style icon.

Sarah wrote about this phenomenon for Fightland.

To read the full story go here.

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Women And Their Cauliflower Ear

Rhonda Rousey's cauliflower ear

Rhonda Rousey’s cauliflower ear

Female mixed martial artists have to navigate a minefield of societal expectations that men never have to deal with. One of the surprisingly complex ones to manage is “What happens when you start getting cauliflower ear?”

The unmistakable sign that you roll is a badge of honour for many fighters, but in the normie world it’s not quite the same.

Sarah talked to four high level female fighters about their perspective on cauliflower ear.

To read the story head over to Fightland here.


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