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Polaris People For The Week Of June 15 (With Bonus Long List Fast Facts and Japandroids)

Kathleen Edwards

Kathleen Edwards

The 40 records that make up the 2012 Polaris Music Prize Long List got announced last week. It’s a fun time because this now gives music nerds something to argue about. It also gives me new material to write about in my Polaris People column.

Speaking of which, the latest edition of the Polaris Music Prize weekly news roundup is now online.

In it there’s stuff about Japandroids, socionics as they relate to Broken Social Scene, and the travesty that is Carly Rae Jepsen not making the Long List.

Go read the story over at Polaris Music Prize by clicking here.

Oh, and if you want to really dork out, check out the Polaris Prize fast facts I compiled about this year’s Long List.

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