Oasis Say Rivers Cuomo “Like Yoda,” Wish They Could’ve Played Live 8 To Humiliate Robbie Williams



Surly rockers Oasis have an unlikely new adversary — Auburn, New York heavy metal band Manowar. That’s what happens when you stop singer Liam Gallagher in mid-brag about how Oasis are “like, the loudest band in the fucking world onstage” and tell him that the Guinness Book Of World Records instead favours Manowar.

“But they’re loud and shit though, aren’t they? They’re just shit,” Gallagher says emphatically. Seated beside him, bassist Andy Bell is somewhat perplexed.

“Who are they anyway?” Bell asks. “Heavy metal?”

“Fuck Manowar,” interjects Gallagher decisively.

There’s a pause as Liam’s insult sinks in. Then Bell replies dryly, “That was a good point anyway. A bit blunt of you, but well made.”

Equally blunt and well-made is the newest Oasis record, Don’t Believe The Truth. It’s a decided return to form after the disappointment of 2002’s Heathen Chemistry. But that’s all information a listener will be able to glean for themselves. When presented with an opportunity to chat up one of the battling Gallaghers there’s more important things to discuss.

Like Weezer.

“Yeah, we met [Weezer],” says Gallagher. “I like ’em. They’re one of those bands you see on TV and go, ‘I just like ’em.’ I think they’re pretty alright.”

Gallagher saves his highest praise for Weezer’s frontman Rivers Cuomo.

“Very strange man, him,” says a bemused Gallagher. “He’s my new favourite rock star. He freaked me out.

“He’s just the total opposite to me, man. He’s just very timid. He’s like Yoda or something. But I respect that.

“He’s a top man. There’s totally a place for him. He’s like the Andy Warhol of fucking music, that’s what I think.”

There won’t, however, be a place for Oasis at the big London, U.K. edition of the Live 8 festival on July 2. According to Liam, it’s not because they didn’t want to, though. They were already booked for a sold out gig at the City Of Manchester Stadium.

“If we were free we’d be there, man,” says Gallagher. “And I am a bit disappointed, but that’s life, man. Our shows were booked. And I had a word with management the other day, and I said, ‘Look, I feel a bit guilty.’ Everyone’s down there doing all this, know what I mean? We’re down the road doing our thing. A little bit of guilt kicked in. I thought maybe we should fucking book… then it’s 60,000 kids disappointed.

“But if we weren’t doing a gig that day we’d have been there without a doubt. And I’d love to. Y’know why I’d love to do that gig?

“First of all, it’s fucking awareness and all that stuff,” he says, before getting to the real meat of why he wanted to play. “I just love to go on and do four fucking songs and really fucking rip it up. Come in and fucking bang it with fuckin’ four of your classics. And walk off. And fucking flick Robbie Williams in the eye and say, ‘Follow that you dick!'”

This story was originally published June 24, 2005 via Chart Communications.

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