Wu-Tang Clan And The Once Upon A Time In Shaolin Caper

Members of the Wu-Tang Clan with Bill Murray.

Members of the Wu-Tang Clan with Bill Murray.

By now everybody knows about the Wu-Tang Clan selling their single-copy album The Wu-Once Upon A Time In Shaolin to the seventh most hated person on the planet, pharmacology exploiter Martin Shkreli.

And by now most people know there was a (false) rumour going around that the Wu had it written into their sales contract that that were legally permitted one “caper” where Bull Murray would join them and they could attempt to steal the album back.

As sad as we are knowing this will probably never happen, Sarah took the time to assess the various Wu members’ martial arts skills to judge whether or not they actually could pull off such a caper.

Read all about it at Fightland.

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