Tim Gilbert — Tim Sings! The Hits! (Album Review)

Tim Gilbert

Tim Gilbert

Looking to expand my “following” list beyond bikini tramps and people who I may or may not be professionally jealous of, I recently started following NASA on Instagram. It’s a follow that’s provided me with a wonderful supply of cosmological magic. Every day these space voyageurs capture some exotic new slice of our universe and place it right in our hands like technological Zeuses doling out mind-thunderbolts.

Just the other day I learned about NGC 3610, an elliptical galaxy roughly four billion years old.

My mind is still trying to process the photo of the Veil Nebula published a few weeks back. They call it “delicate, draped filamentary structures,” but I’m convinced this is really what Geddy Lee sees when he closes his eyes.

The point I’m trying to make in all this is that, yes, sometimes the stars are within our reach. They’re out there. Shining. Sparkling. All you have to do is be strong enough to stretch your arm out and grab them.

Rarely has such bravery, such indomitable spirit been committed to the recorded form as when Tim sings the hits on Tim Sings! The Hits! Weaving his way through 44 of the greatest songs of all-time from Aerosmith’s space exploration epic “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” to Wilson Phillips’ iconic “Hold On” Tim always pushes forward, resolutely overcoming his condition to capture the very soul of each song.

In many ways Tim Sings! The Hits! is just like those NASA probes and telescopes that are continually monitoring our skies. Can they explain all the mysteries of the universe? No. Can they unravel the science behind dianetics? Not likely. Do they need someone to help cut up their dinner so they don’t accidentally choke on their ham? Sure, but needing a little help won’t stop Tim from from pursuing his dream: To bring us back little pieces of stardust each and every day in the form of song.

That is the true journey of Tim Sings! The Hits!

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