Who Said It: Theory Of A Deadman Or Jean-Paul Sartre?

Theory Of A Deadman's Tyler Connolly and Jean-Paul Sartre.

Theory Of A Deadman’s Tyler Connolly and Jean-Paul Sartre.

It would be easy to pigeonhole Theory Of A Deadman — the guys that once covered Vince McMahon’s theme song “No Chance In Hell” and whose song “Got It Made” appeared on the Nascar 09 video game soundtrack — as that band active rock radio stations use to fill the empty spaces Nickelback leaves behind when they’re out of album cycle.

That, however, would be a disservice which fails to capture the sheer magnitude of the soul crushing angst found on Theory Of A Deadman’s just released fifth album, Savages. Like Ingmar Bergman’s sonic familiar, on Savages lead singer Tyler Connolly navigates a cruel, bleak world full of despair, betrayal and the heartsick realization that humanity, given the opportunity, will often choose to do the exact worst thing.

Connolly’s anguish is so deep we went so far as to compare the suffering found in the lyrics of Savages‘ 13 songs to various quotes from existentialist French writer and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.

Go through all 10 lines and ask yourself, “Who said it, Theory Of A Deadman or Jean-Paul Sartre?”

1. “I give up. I give in. I surrender.”

2. “It’s all a bad dream. Who can we trust?”

3. “I exist, that is all, and I find it nauseating.”

4. “You took it all and you moved away and I’m living in a trailer by the interstate.”

5. “Nothingness haunts being.”

6. “Life begins on the other side of despair.”

7. “Will I never find peace?I look into the mirror and I hate what I’ve become, because I’m the only casualty from damage I have done.”

8. “Hell is other people.”

9. “I’m adjusting to the dark. Forget about the pain. Am I really that afraid or just insane?”

10. “It is certain that we cannot escape anguish, for we are anguish.”

Answer key is below the video.

1. Theory Of A Deadman “In Ruins”
2. Theory Of A Deadman “Misery Of Mankind”
3. Jean-Paul Sartre
4. Theory Of A Deadman “Livin’ My Life Like A Country Song feat. Don Rooney of Rascal Flatts”
5. Jean-Paul Sartre
6. Jean-Paul Sartre
7. Theory Of A Deadman “World War Me”
8. Jean-Paul Sartre
9. Theory Of A Deadman”Panic Room”
10. Jean-Paul Sartre

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