How To Make Cheesy Blasters That Don’t Suck

Cheesy Blasters

Cheesy Blasters

Early last year as the show 30 Rock was nearing its final days the Risky Fuel household began experimenting with trying to recreate one of main character Liz Lemon’s favourite foods — Cheesy Blasters.

The recipe was simple:

You take a hot dog
Stuff it with some jack cheese
Fold it in a pizza
You’ve got Cheesy Blasters

We tried to copy this recipe. It did not turn out very well.

Undaunted, awhile back we tried to make Cheesy Blasters again, this time modifying the recipe with one major change: Instead of buying pre-made frozen pizzas and wrapping them around hot dog wieners, we bought a bag of pre-made pizza dough and used that dough instead.

It was… AMAZING. By using the real pizza dough it not only tasted better, but you could structurally engineer something that had better wraparound/pigs-in-a-blanket qualities.

So, to recap, here’s what you do to make rockin’ Cheesy Blasters:

1) Buy a bag of pre-made pizza dough, some hot dogs, a can of pizza sauce and some shredded cheese.

2) Cook some hot dogs.

3) Open a can of pizza sauce.

4) Make a canoe out of the pizza dough for the hot dog, put the hot dog in there.

5) Throw some pizza sauce and cheese into the canoe.

6) Close that canoe’s edges together so the hot dog is sealed right in there.

7) Sprinkle a bit more cheese and pizza sauce on the top of your Cheesy Blaster.

8) Throw it in the oven and bake for about 10 minutes or until the dough starts turning golden brown.

Voila, Cheesy Blasters.

Thanks Meat Cat.


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