Stompin’ Tom Connors: Punk Rock Hero

Stompin' Tom Connors postage stamp

Stompin’ Tom Connors postage stamp

When Canadian country hero Stompin’ Tom Connors died earlier this week one of the subsequent discussions was about how Tom fearlessly did what he wanted. For someone who created folkie songs about ketchup, hockey and potatoes, he was essentially… a true punk.

As such, I wrote about the life lesson I learned the one time I had the opportunity  to spend a day drinking in the Connors’ family rec room. The story, called “Stompin’ Tom Connors Was More Punk Than You: A Memorial,” can be found here.

In related Tom tributes, over at my other workplace the Polaris Music Prize I also wrote an article collecting the many tweets from various past Polaris nominees who were also touched by Tom’s music. You can read that article here.





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