Spinner Mega News Pack: The Dears, Hilotrons, Ariane Moffatt And Some Drunk Dude

Here’s the latest batch of news stories I’ve done for the Spinner AOL Huffington Post empire:

The wonderful people of The Dears, who rank somewhere between 5th and 23rd best act in the world on any given day, have put out a new live album. They recorded it in Mexico because Mexico is crazytown banana pants for them.

That drunk dude who sung “Bohemian Rhapsody” in the back of a cop car? He had his day in court. And he lost.

Hilotrons did a video for “She Knows My Condition (Part 2)” so we premiered it.

Ariane Moffatt, who Sarah totes loves, debuted her “Too Late” video with us, too. It’s nominally about a chick bicycle gang. Hot.





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