Triumph’s Triumphant(ish) Reunion That Almost Didn’t Happen

Triumph Live At Sweden Rock Festival

Triumph Live At Sweden Rock Festival

UPDATE: The full story of Triumph’s Sweden reunion can now be found HERE.

The first rock concert I ever attended by choice was Triumph at Maple Leaf Gardens somewhere around 1984 for the Thunder Seven tour (there was a Sha Na Na concert before that when I was a kid, but it doesn’t count because an aunt made me go). I never saw them after that because they put out The Sport of Kings album (poop) and then basically dissolved.

A few years back, however, the band made their first furtive attempts at a reunion, mainly by playing a big one-off gig in Sweden.

That gig was recorded and videotaped and has become the CD/DVD release Live At Sweden Rock Festival.

I spoke to band bassist Mike Levine about the reunion on behalf of Noisecreep and the results can be found in two separate feature stories.

The first, found HERE, is about how the actual Sweden reunion show almost didn’t happen.

The second, found HERE, takes a look at where the band are at right now, if they are actually ever going to tour again, and compares them to peers like Journey and Foreigner.

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