Monocyte/Saltillo And The Koffin Kats In Rue Morgue

Monocyte, an unholy comic

Monocyte, an unholy comic

This one’s a bit of a follow: There’s a great new comic book series called Monocyte by artist/musician Menton J. Matthews III and writer Kasra Ghanbari about this badass servant of death named Monocyte who goes around killing everything. Menton also has a creepy-awesome violin industrial trip-hop thing (seriously) called Saltillo. Saltillo just put out an album called Monocyte that’s almost like a companion soundtrack to the comics.

Anyway, Aaron wrote about the whole thing in old fashioned print form for issue #120 of Rue Morgue.

He also wrote a review of The Koffin Kats new album as well.

You can find out more about the latest Rue Morgue issue by going here.

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