Invading The Y108 Indie Show

The Schomberg Fair

The Schomberg Fair

Aaron was very excited to recently join host Barry Taylor on Hamilton radio station Y108’s “The Y108 Indie Show.”

The pair shared some stories and gossiped like little schoolgirls. They also played some cool new music, too. Namely the following:

Zeus – “Are You Gonna Waste My Time”
The Dirty Nil – “Verona Lung”
Monster Truck – “Seven Sea Blues”
Ox – “Out On The Weekend”
The Mark Inside – “There Is Nothing To Admit”
Rick Aucoin – “Dying To Live”
Danko Jones – “Mouth Yo Mouth”
Nordic Nomadic – “Summer Friends”
Schomberg Fair – “I’d Raise My Hand”
Bry Webb – “Ex Punks”

The Y108 Indie Show airs every Monday night at 9 p.m. ET and repeats the following Sunday at 6 a.m. ET. To stream Y108 click here.

Early risers and super-raging party people can catch a rerun of Aaron’s episode on Sunday, Nov. 27, at 6 .m.



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