BrokeNCYDE Don’t Care They’re The World’s Most Hated Band



BrokeNCYDE (pronounced “broke inside,” just like their feelings) might only have a few years of crunkcore under their belts, but they’ve already generated more controversy and venom than most bands will receive over their entire careers.

Offended by the band’s antics and their music’s subject matter, parents have banded together and formed groups like Mothers Against BrokeNCYDE. Unimpressed by their unique blend of crunk and screamo and lyrics like “You make my peepee hard” and “Eenie meenie minni moe/So much bitches at our shows,” critics have called them everything from “fucking horrendous” (Metal Edge) to “a near perfect snapshot of everything that’s shit about this point in the culture” (Warren Ellis).

It’s almost impossible to exaggerate the level of antipathy that Se7en (vocals), Mikl (vocals), Phat J (synths, guitars) and Antz (“fog machine and lights”) have generated in their young lives.

Limp Bizkit were the butt of plenty of jokes and criticism in the ’90s and early aughts, but their cover of “Faith” at least inspired a dose of good will or benign apathy. Insane Clown Posse and their juggalos and juggalettes are often regarded as signs of a diseased society, but at least they bring greater recognition to Faygo pop.

Even if you multiplied the level of bile hurled at those two giants of questionable culture, you would probably fall short of the sheer hatred some (like Thrash Magazine‘s Jay Thrash, who wishes that he could go back in time like Superman and crush them at birth) are starting to feel for this band.

Now it’s time for Canada to lock up its daughters and music snobs, because BrokeNCYDE are coming to town in support of their brand new album I’m Not A Fan… But The Kids Like It!

With the rest of his crew boisterously on the hunt for porn in the background, Mikl (the man behind the less screamy, more Auto-Tuned vocals) took some time away from the good fight to get on the phone with CHARTattack and talk about the band’s detractors, their fans, moms and bitches.

CHARTattack: You’ve been the subject of some pretty heinous reviews. Do you care about what the critics think at all?
Mikl: We don’t care what people say at all.

Even when they speculate that your music is actually a joke? Does that bother you?
I don’t care what people have to say. None of us do. We do this for our fans. People are entitled to their own opinion and if that’s what they want to say, then cool. We really don’t care.

Do your fans care, though?
They stick up for us, they have our backs, you know? But, you know.

So, they start flame wars on the internet in your defence?
Yeah. They always protect us.

Were you aware that the name BrokeNCYDE has made it to the Urban Dictionary?

It’s being defined as a synonym for “ear rape.”
That’s cool.

Yeah? You like that?
Not really, but it’s whatevs.

Now you do have some pretty naughty lyrics, and I just have to ask you: Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
I don’t kiss my mom. That’s kind of weird.

Even on the cheek?
Even on the cheek.

Is your mom bothered by your lyrics at all?
No, my mom supports me in everything that I do. Like, she’s on my side, you know?

Do your songs really get you a lot of chicks?
Yeah, a lot of the guys. I have a girlfriend, so… it helps all of these other losers in the band.

So, do girls really fall for lines like, “You fucking bitch, come suck my dick?”
I don’t know. We’re just saying what people say. But yeah.

This interview was originally published October 13, 2009 via Chart Communications.

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